Saturday, September 28, 2013

Attack of the Geek Squad: Technical difficulties part 2


After five failed trips to Best Buy, I am still without a computer which is greatly affecting my ability to write my blog.  The past two days I've borrowed my dad's laptop, but as of right now, I'm back to texting my blog post off of my cell phone.

**This is not fun...**

Basically, in an effort to modernize, I have opened a whole can of mechanical worms that have left me laptop-less.  I never dreamt all of this would have transpired over this past week.

Today, I actually out-geeked the Geek Squad which is not a compliment by the way! I am still without a computer and am barely hanging on to my sanity. Please be patient with me, while I try to do the same with the Geeks.

Please also send good ju ju for my computer's swift recovery!!!

I will keep you posted!!!!! Meanwhile, I'm going to keep packing my suitcases!!!

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