Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Odds

Just a few days ago, I heard that a friend of a friend went to the local casino and struck it big.  He had gone by himself and played the penny slots no less.  Can you imagine? It would be a pretty insane feeling, to throw a few pennies in the slot and suddenly have the machine shake back and forth, declaring you the winner.  And although I am sure he had hoped for it, he probably never imagined that he would actually hit the jackpot that night.  What are the odds?

I pondered this as I walked down the street to the little French café in town.  It was my day off yesterday and I was excited to be able to spend time with my mom. 

Suddenly, when I emerged from the back alley to the main street, I found myself surrounded by a pretty serious crowd. I was in complete shock.  Like a school of fish, they flowed seamlessly around me and continued on their way. But who were all of these people? Where were they going?

Then, I looked over to the opposite side of the street and noticed a line of people that stretched over three blocks. I pointed myself in the direction that they faced and saw the Old State Theater surrounded by orange cones and over a dozen volunteers.   Were all these people going to the movies?  The sight of all these people supporting the Traverse City Film Festival actually brought tears to my eyes.

I’ve known about the Traverse City Film Festival for many years.  But since I am not a resident of Michigan and always come to visit around the fourth of July, I tend to miss the film fest that usually takes place toward the very end of July and the first week of August. 

I crossed the street to the French café where I was able to score a table outside on the patio, right next door to the State Theater.  While I was waiting for my mom to arrive, I noticed a T-shirt hanging for sale on the Film Festival’s merchandise stand: it was waving back and forth in the breeze like a flag at half mass.  When it settled down and lay flat against the others, I noticed something truly amazing.

The T-shirt had an image of an Airstream trailer on the front with the letters TCFF on the side.  And it was like the hand of God reached down from heaven and beckoned me to the Film Festival.  There is something you have to know about me in order to fully grasp the significance of this.  I am OBSESSED with two things: vintage Airstream trailers and Film.  And somehow, the film festival had designed a T-shirt that incorporated the two things I love so much.  Coincidence maybe?  I sat there in complete amazement.  And the pull I felt to join my people was stronger than it has ever been in my life.

Then things got really strange. 

I was flipping through the film festival program, when I noticed the image on the front had referenced The Wizard of Oz.  And then, a moment later, a shuttle bus pulled in front of the theater and I saw all the characters from Oz decaled on the side.

All the stars were aligning perfectly.  You see, last week I wrote about supporting young filmmakers in a post titled Walk of Fame/Walk of Shame.  And in that little essay, I would often reference the Wizard of Oz.  Even more of an odd coincidence, I referred to Traverse City as “a little gem” which happens to be the meaning behind the name of the brand new movie theater that was created in a restored building here in town, just near the bay. 

Now tell me, what are the odds of that? Was it subliminal? Or is this the universe telling me that the odds are actually stacking in my favor?  I may not have hit the jackpot yet, but something tells me that a penny and a wish have more possibility than ever before. 

I can’t be sure of what to make out of all these… signs. However there is one thing that I do know for certain: there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there is no place like home.  And oddly enough, I know I am almost home… I can just feel it. 



2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Cointreau
Splash of Cranberry
Splash of lime juice
shake and strain into a martini glass

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