Sunday, August 4, 2013

Course Correcting

For a very long time, I felt so far from where I wanted to be; as if the destination for my dreams lay far out of my reach.  The roadmap to get there was tattered and difficult to navigate.  I would remind myself that no one ever said it was going to be easy and I would just have to suck it up and do my best to press on ahead.  There were entire pieces missing from the map, and I would have to go in the direction that felt right or logical at the time.  But more often than not, I discovered that the course I had chosen was the long way around.

But similar to Dante's Inferno, I have discovered that sometimes the best way out of the darkness is to go directly through the center of it. Truth be told, it is terrifying.  But I can assure you that on the other side of fear, is enchantment: magic even.  Things have a way of falling into place without force.  Suddenly, wondrous and unexpected doors are revealed.

I cannot even begin to quantify the numerous seemingly coincidental occurrences on my course lately.  But are they coincidental really?  Or, is my path course correcting?  One seemingly insignificant decision can influence many, many more.  And when you surrender, things begin to fall into place. It is where the magic happens... 

Bright, shining signs point the way.  Perfect strangers, perfectly appear to lend a helping hand. They are guides too.  And things just happen. It has been a long, hard road, but  I chose to follow my bliss and I am only just beginning to see the domino effect in my own life.  The path is clearing and course-correcting.  The wonderful feeling of coming into the light is one that is very difficult to articulate.  But it's as real as anything I have ever known. 

Today, I will immerse myself wholly and entirely to my passion: film.  I am excited to venture into town and enjoy the last day of the Traverse City Film Festival 2013.  And I am ignited.  It took a long, tiresome road to get me to this place.  I have surrendered to my calling and I have never felt more alive inside. 

The funny thing is, I am only at the starting gate on this correct course.  Nothing too major has changed... yet. I still work behind a bar and serve others to pay my own way.  And I have no idea where or when the next door may open.  But the joy I feel each day writing, dreaming and working to achieve what I love, makes me feel more complete than I have in years.  The course is correct.  And I am certain of one thing; that I must continue on.  


Indiana Jones Cocktail

1/2 shot Tequila
1/2 shot Whiskey
Pour Champagne to fill the glass

Serve on the rocks in a highball. 

Below is a video of when I emerged from the subway in NYC 
and saw Central Park for the first time.


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