Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Book Smarts Vs. Street Smarts

Exactly four years ago today, I pulled over into a fast food parking lot to wish my eldest brother a very happy birthday. It was a small but sincere gesture. And it was, in my mind, a big deal. He was turning thirty and he seemed depressed. He thought he would have accomplished so much more by his thirtieth birthday. I spent about 45 minutes on the phone with him, trying to boost his confidence.  

If anyone was going to feel sorry for themselves that day, it should be me. Right? I was, after all, on my way to finish up my course to become a bartender. Make fun all you want, but the concept of working in a restaurant terrified me.  So I thought I would approach it like I had so many other things. I would enroll in a course, study, take an exam and then I would have a certificate. Then I would feel ready... right? 

Wrong.  No real bartenders take classes. That was the rumor anyway. Like "book smarts" vs. "street smarts." Or playing music by ear. So if you want to get anywhere you should know how to bluff.  That is exactly what I did. I bluffed a little here and there to begin. It was a bit of a shit show at first. But as someone once told me a long time ago, "Fake it til you make it."

Well here I am. Four years have passed. About a week and a half ago, it was my turn to turn thirty and have a mini meltdown. I looked back at all the roads traveled to get me here where I am now. I'm still bluffing a little here and there, trying to make it. And sometimes I wonder how I ended up serving so much of my time behind bars. 

And then I have to remind myself, that to serve my time is to serve something greater. Maybe it's not so bad. We all have to start somewhere. And this, this is my shot. 

Try this:

Equal parts 
Hpnotiq & Gin
Lemonade & Sprite
Build on the rocks and shut your face. It's good.

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