Sunday, July 28, 2013

Seizing Sunday: Rx FUN

A cold front has set in over the great expanse of the North and it doesn't feel much like summer in Michigan this week.  The past two days at the bar were pretty rough.  Friday night was cold, windy and rainy.  I stood outside for about two and a half hours shivering, before the decision was finally made to close up shop.  On my unexpected Friday night off, I picked up a pizza on my way home.  The chilly weather outside didn't really motivate me to want to go anywhere but straight home.

Saturday night was looking even worse.  With no word of work being canceled, I suited up and prepared for another drizzly night at the bar.  I have to admit that I did not have the best attitude for a good thirty minutes.  I was frustrated with the situation.  Poor weather means no customers and that is not what you want when your pay scale is directly related to the number of people you serve.

But on the other hand, what the weather did provide was an unexpected weekend off.  An hour after I got to work, we decided the rainy weather wasn't going to blow over any time soon.  And that meant one thing to me: freedom!

Sometimes you just have to seize the moment.  Life is full of unexpected surprises.  And while most of the time you can plan your days from week to week, you can't always plan on what to expect.  Things happen.  Just as unpredictable as the weather, so too is the nature of planning.  Things change.  You can plan this or that but you'd better be flexible.

I didn't make any money this weekend at work.  But what I have right now is worth so much more.  I was able to join my family at our cabin up north and the time I am spending with them is an unexpected and treasured gift I was handed this weekend.

I woke up next to my little nieces.  We had a slumber party in my cabin and it was a blast.  Today, I have a prescription for you.  

***Rx: Fun.***

If you are at a loss for fun things to do on this Sunday FUNday, here are a few of my very favorite simple joys in life... and all of these I have done this week!!


1. Go for a drive and pull over at a few of the scenic turnouts along the way. (They are there for a reason).

2. Go ride a bike! If you don't own a bike, go to the beach and rent one!! Trust me on this!

3. Fly a kite! The dollar store is a great option. The kites are pretty tricky to fly, but that kind of makes it more fun.

4. Tell a ghost story.  You will feel like a kid again too!

5. Spend time with your family.  If you don't like your family, go borrow a friend's.

6. Play fetch with a dog. Again if you don't have a dog, merge #5 with #6. Same logic applies.

7. Have Sunday brunch! Sunday is my favorite day for a reason. You can eat breakfast at 1:00 p.m. and drink a cocktail at 10:00 a.m.  It is perfectly acceptable.

8. Phone a friend.  If you absolutely detest talking on the phone (which I am well-known for) then you can SKYPE!! I love seeing the face of the person I am chatting with.  And you can enjoy coffee or wine together!!

9. Stay up late/sleep in late. It's Sunday and no one will care. Remember #7?? Anything goes.

10.  Get off your computer and get outside to go on a nature walk. (This is going to happen right now!)


Loaded Bloody Mary

1 oz Vodka 
Fill glass with Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix
Garnish with skewer of pickles, olives, cheddar cheese cubes, and a Slim Jim (Or pepperoni) 

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