Friday, July 12, 2013

Gratitude and Gratuity

Sometimes it would seem that there's no way to avoid the certain inevitable feeling of complacency. I see it every day. People walk about like drones, gliding robotically through their lives with a sense of self satisfaction that surely cannot be real.  There are too many other elements  in this world that are dangerous or challenging at best: right? At one point or another, it will creep into the daily tasks like a small infectious disease. Many people avoid it as long as possible, until the day it smacks you in the face, knocks you to your knees and affects those around you.

A false sense of self satisfaction can be a very scary thing. In fact there is no better way to suck up  entire decades of time. This feeling prevents the very essence of our inner light to shine through.  And I have experienced this first hand.

It's an easy trap to fall into. You just operate like a well oiled machine.  Today I have to do x,y and z. Tomorrow, the same.  And somewhere along the way you just stop giving.  Life becomes more about taking; what we get and how much we can carry.  That's survival. But it's also a clever disguise.

There is a cure for almost every single sad, frustrated or angry emotion.  It is a feeling so powerful, it will actually pull everything into real proportions. Gratitude.

Gratitude is an action. Gratitude is a choice. Gratitude will change your life. Instead of saying, "Today I  have to go to work," you say, "Today I get to go to work." Isn't it amazing how different that sounds?

The truth is, the job I have can be... a challenge. Never will you see more pasted on smiles anywhere than at a restaurant. Well maybe at a beauty pageant too although that's an entirely different topic altogether.

We work for tips. That is the less glamorous way to put it, but it is the reality.  So we operate in a way that hopefully increases our chances for a generous one.  Unfortunately, both guests and servers alike are so numb to this process that it is treated like an obligation at the end of the meal, rather than a gesture.  The guest sort of sighs at the expectation to tack on a few extra dollars and the server would be really upset if left empty handed.  I should make it clear that Gratuity is how I pay my bills.

I say Gratuity because I believe that it offers a more positive outlook on the entire process.  If I serve someone in such a way where I am grateful to serve them... the difference is extraordinary. The entire experience is really truly unique. The guest actually feels taken care of and seems grateful too.  And gratitude becomes our business. 

People often say, "Do this or that and I will give you a nice tip." But I promise you this, I would much rather be treated with some measure of gratitude, than some bated expectation.

Where there was once expectation on both sides, imagine gratitude.  What would the world be like if we were all just a little more grateful?

A pretty wealthy world I imagine.  Today, I will repeat my little daily routine. But I will make a solid effort to feel grateful for every task that I am faced with. I will not operate under the guise of complacency.  I will choose real, authentic gratitude instead.



Equal parts Cranberry and Pineapple Juice
Garnish with a lime wedge


  1. Love reading this! maybe this will keep me more grounded and smile more!

    1. Thanks for reading Steve!! It really makes me happy to know that my post could be responsible for more smiles in this world! I appreciate the support of my young blog. I definitely hope you will continue to read and repost! Thanks!!! Keep smiling!